The tightly-knit life science community in Western Switzerland offers six key strengths, which attract more people and companies to the region daily.

The fact that the life sciences have been able to adapt and develop technologies that were originally destined for completely different use, and which have historically constituted the pillars of Swiss know-how for many years, is probably a significant factor in the success that we are experiencing today. The pluri-/trans-disciplinarity across sectors evolved naturally in our region to the benefit of biotechnology and medical technology, leading to what is called bioconvergence (by clicking on this link, you will download a heavy file that will take some time to load).

The density and quality of all the different ingredients in the region have attracted so many talents and contributed to our ongoing success as the fastest growing life science cluster in the world. 


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 Stimulating transdisciplinarity     

 A bioconvergent environment

You can become part of this vibrant group and profit from all the events, publications, networking, and more besides.

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