This TEDD event will be held at The Swiss Center for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM) located at the medical campus of the University of Zurich

We are happy to host this TEDD meeting to share current aspects and needs with our collaborators and partners to further foster the translational process of encouraging therapeutic pre-clinical inventions into the clinical routine setting.
The Swiss Center for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM) is located at the medical campus of the University of Zurich. As an interdisciplinary translational research center and core facility for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the SCRM aims at the efficient translation of basic biomedical research to applied regenerative therapies.
As such, the SCRM enables the integration of various basic science and clinical research activities, including developmental biology, cell biology, stem cell biology, tissue engineering, biomedical engineering and biomaterial science. A combination of approaches such as gene therapy, stem cell transplantation, macro and micro-scale tissue engineering, functionalized biomaterials, and the reprogramming of cell and tissue types is utilized.
The TEDD Competence Centre is a collaborative innovation platform, dedicated to 3D cell culture technology and organ-like tissue models for drug development, substance testing, personalized and regenerative medicine. The network pools and transfers knowledge and technologies in order to promote the further development and routine application of 3D cell culture. By combining diverse skills through integrative cooperation among our academic, clinical and industrial partners, TEDD covers the entire development and value chain as well as forms a powerful and successful network.
TEDD is part of the National Thematic Network Swiss Biotech™ supported by CTI, the Swiss Innovation Agency.

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