The aim of the 2017 conference is to establish high-quality networking among the Swiss Romand healthcare companies, including start-ups, medium and large pharma, life science, biotech and other hybrids of healthcare-centric players.

How much do you know of the Health Valley - the Swiss-French cluster of Geneva, Vaud, Valais,Fribourg, Neuchatel, Jura and Bern? We have over 950 life science companies offering 25’000 jobs, some 5’000 researchers and specialized scientists, attracting hundreds of millions of francs in investments and contributing to this region’s dynamic bio-life sciences ecosystem.
Combined, the Health Valley, Basel and Zurich regions of Switzerland form the densest network of biotech firms anywhere in the world. The Swiss HLG encourages startups, our lifeline in innovation. We want to network with these entrepreneurs who are making a considerable impact
on our industry, knowing that we have much to learn and exchange with each other.
The 2017 Swiss HLG Summer Event is jointly organized with Biopôle and partnered with start-up friendly organizations such as Inartis, Bioalps and Venturelab. There are many start-up support systems and initiatives. The conference will focus precisely on the needs of these start-ups and their journey to success, which inevitably involves fundraising and then, more fundraising.
We will hear success stories, inspiring us with their tenacity and fund-raising journeys, and the what’s, why’s and how’s of the choices they have made along the way. We will quiz a panel about how public and semi-public organizations support and finance start-ups while the VCs will help us understand the hard and soft aspects of dilutive funding. Where to find and how to attract VC's,what it really means to accept money from others, what’s in it for them and the start-ups and
how to manage expectations from the very start, to ensure everyone can succeed and happily exit ever after. Pharma, of course traditionally has a big part to play in funding. We will hear from both their VC
and BD&L functions, learning when to approach each of them, and what financial language each function speaks. A bonus feature of this event is the start-up pitches and posters, which will bring these dynamic start-ups to life.
Swiss HLG events are all about networking! A professional obligation that opens your mind and
soul, for a more successful, fulfilling and enjoyable career. So, sign up now – this day could be one
of the best professional investments of your time this year. See you there!
Kim Bill - Conference Director & Board Member, Swiss HLG

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