MEDTEC Japan is Asia’s largest trade-show dedicated to the design and manufacturing of medical devices. Since its launch in 2009, MEDTEC Japan has shown consistent year-on-year growth. Last year's edition attracted 28’137 potential customers!

-- Organizers are offering special discounts for start-up and university spin-off companies! --


Japan’s medical technology market, which is valued at approximately €21.5 billion, represents roughly 10% of the global market. It is the third largest medical device market in the world after the United States and the European Union. During the past 25 years, the size of Japan’s medtech market has doubled. While the market share of domestically made devices has been largely flat, imports have soared.

As part of his initiative, Prime Minister Abe announced that he intends to launch a Japanese version of the NIH, further increasing the focus on the medical industry. 25% of Japan’s population is aged over 65 years – a world record! The Japanese society is not only aged but also wealthy and requests highest quality of health-care and medtech products and costly treatments: An ideal growth-market also for Swiss companies!


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CMEF 201811.04.2018

China Medical Equipment Fair 2018 Shanghai - China April 11-14, 2018

Le Challenge Debiopharm Inartis

La qualité de vie du patient en cours de traitement "Qui pourra changer le monde dans lequel nous vivons?”
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