Animal Models for Organogenesis.
19 January: Centre Medical Universitaire, Geneva - Hands-on Workshops
20 January: University Hospital of Geneva - lectures

Bi-annual Symposium for experimental surgery consisting of a Hands-on Workshop on Thursday 19 January, afternoon, and lectures relating to this year's main topic on Friday 20 January. The Symposium is credited by 1.5 days from the Veterinary Office.

The Symposium will address current "hot" topics in fields ranging from material science and biology of stem cells to regenerative medicine.

Many opinion leaders feel that there is a future for both transplantation and alternative methods to re-create organs, e.g. tissue engineering. Such application may, on the one hand, address scaffolds to be used with or without growth factors to attract the right cell type when used in vivo, and, on the other, specific progenitor cell injection to repair a damaged organ. In vitro systems are very valuable to test cell material interactions.

However, animal models are also required to test the viability of the concept for specific in vivo applications. In our era of ethics and animal concerns, alternative testing methods, and especially imaging methods to follow cells or tissue-engineered constructs non-invasively in a live animal, are of major importance, thereby supporting the 3R principles.

A Hands-on Workshop on Thursday, 19 January, will take place in the afternoon at the Centre Médical Universitaire (CMU). It will give the participants the opportunity to follow 9 workshop stations where new techniques focusing on the topics of the meeting will be demonstrated.

The Symposium on Friday, 20 January will take place in the Auditoire Marcel Jenny of Geneva University Hospital. The programme features the following sessions: Genetic Animal Models; in silico, in vitro and Surgical Animal Models for Organogenesis; Translational Animal Models for Organogenesis, and Clinical Implementation in Organogenesis. A highlight will be the basic science lecture which will focus on the state-of-the-art of transplantation and possible future alternatives for organogenesis.




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