In February 2012, the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) proudly hosts SLAS2012, the First Annual SLAS Conference and Exhibition. SLAS2012 unites the scientific savvy, technical innovation and energy of the former LabAutomation and SBS conferences to increase collaboration and prominence for the laboratory science and technology community.

SLAS2012 brings together leaders in the scientific community working in drug discovery and development efforts, as well as clinical diagnostics, food and agricultural sciences, forensics and security sciences, petrochemicals and energy, and consumer products.

Innovation AveNEW Program... for start-up companies.

Kicking off the calendar year, SLAS2012 is the platform event for established companies launching new products and services. Innovation AveNEW is an in-kind, cost-sensitive program affording emerging, start-up companies the opportunity to actively engage and participate in a world-class event which helps to grow and scale their business as well as directly connects them with purchasing influencers and decision-makers from more than 40 countries.

The mission for Innovation AveNEW is simple — to offer start-up, entrepreneurial companies in the area of laboratory science and technology a venue for positive, collaborative interaction and exposure for their product and/or service concept. Innovation AveNEW will be located in a specially designated area on the exhibit floor.

To the members of our network:

For the past four years, BioAlps has selected one delegate to take part in Innovation AveNEW as the BioAlps/Switzerland delegate.

Only one company will be chosen by BioAlps for this program each year and is given a beautiful privilege at no cost*. After that, the chosen delegate is then slotted in the program.

(*please, click here to see the guidelines, rules and application instructions).

>>> Do not miss this unique opportunity, download and submit your application (send back by September 30, 2011, to contact[at]!


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