At the lake shores or in mountain huts, in the villages or in city neighbourhoods, people like to speak different languages and dialects. That is why, apart from the official languages and English, one can hear other languages such as Spanish, Serbian, Croatian, Portuguese, Turkish, Albanian, and more besides.

Traditionally, foreigners receive a warm welcome, as much by the Swiss of old stock as by those by adoption, who populate the international communities. Switzerland, and particularly Geneva, has long been considered a land of asylum. This is due to its status of city of welcome, a role it played during the persecutions of the Protestants who adhered to the Reformation. While welcoming numerous reformers like William Farel, Jean Calvin or Theodore de Bèze, the city earned itself its nickname of protestant Rome, or city of Calvin. Many international personalities found refuge here, as was the case for Lenin, before the Russian Revolution of 1917. The enrichment, tolerance and pragmatism that are in place in Western Switzerland offer you the harmony of a multicultural community.

Moreover, even if the region is not part of the European Union, the numerous bilateral agreements that it has passed with all its neighbours guarantee the same political and economic opening. These agreements focus on the following points:

  • free circulation of people
  • technical and commercial obstacles
  • public markets
  • air transportation
  • ground transportation
  • agriculture
  • research

Beyond Europe, Switzerland has also reached numerous bilateral agreements with various countries, such as the United States or Japan.

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CES 2019 Las Vegas - Swiss Pavilion08.01.2019

Join the Swiss Pavilion during the Consumer Electronic Show from 8 to 11 January 2019 in Las Vegas, USA.

HES-SO launch two personalized medicine national projects

The projects link personalized medicine and AI to offer the most efficient support at different stages of illness.

Stolmár & Partner Intellectual Property S.à.r.l.Professional Services & Consulting, Patent & Trademarks

Stolmár & Partner is a steadily growing IP law firm with a strong focus on life sciences (Biotech, pharma, diagnostics), medtech and software protection. S & P counts at present 14 patent, trademark and design attorneys. Our attorneys are admitted to practice before the European Patent Office (EPO), the Swiss Patent and Trademark Office (IGE), the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO), EUIPO, WIPO, Switzerland’s and Germany’s Federal Patent Court and the German Federal Supreme Court. Some of our attorneys are also admitted before the, Italian, French and the Austrian Patent and Trademark offices thus offering a seamless truly pan-european one-stop service for our clients. Besides our Geneva office, the headquarter is in Munich in close proximity to the EPO. We have further branch offices in the Lake Constance region (Neuhausen ob Eck) and in Hamburg. Our attorneys and agents are carefully recruited for their technical expertise and industrial experience. Most have earned an advanced technical degree and have significant industrial or academic experience across a wide spectrum of technical areas. While the firm provides a full range of services, it is organized internally around four main practice groups. They are the Chemical/Life Sciences Group, the Electrical/Software, the Medtech/Mechanical Group and the Trademark/Design group. Further S & P advises ist clients in Arbitration, Regulatory affairs and License agreements as well as in IP Due Diligence and expert opinions. Our IP lawyers are trained to evaluate intellectual property in the context of client business issues to ensure alignment with company goals. Strong patent claims constructed around strategic goals are invaluable as our clients commercialize ideas and defend leadership positions via litigation and oppositions. A special focus of the firm is opposition proceedings before the EPO and invalidation proceedings before the German Federal Patent Court. Practicing in Munich and at various european hightech spots is a distinct advantage. The firm’s proximity to the European Patent Office (EPO), the Federal Patent Court and the district court for litigation, allows us the opportunity to help shape the IP landscape. Attorneys can easily conduct in-person interviews at the EPO and form substantive professional relationships with examiners given our regular presence at the EPO.
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