This year the Conference will explore the potential areas for transnational and transregional collaboration. Leading experts will offer insight into current developments in their countries and regions. We expect contributions from Germany, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium and various European regions in Spain, France, Sweden, Italy and Austria.

The EuroBioForum Annual Conference 2013 is a forum to exchange views on the state of affairs in policy development and deployment, and on the challenges with respect to policies, implementation strategies and required investments.

A collaborative approach to Personalised Medicine

Personalised Medicine needs involvement of all stakeholders: how can we address the challenges to find solutions? The complexity of diseases and the biology of humans is calling for a different approach. But the question is whether the current focus of Personalised Medicine is the solution. What are current perspectives in policy making and funding of Personalised Medicine? How can the aforementioned issues be addressed? How to tackle the future challenges in Personalised Medicine?



  • Provide insight into current national and regional policies, funding instrumentation and strategic research & innovation agendas in Personalised Medicine.
  • Facilitate participants to meet other ‘key players’ in the field of Personalised Medicine and to learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Explore specific topics for possible coordination and cooperation.
  • Encourage joint public-public and/or public-private partnerships.

Targeted participants

  • Representatives of national governments, bioclusters, regional initiatives, funding organisations, national research councils, patient organisations, representatives of European Commission and industrial federations.

Programme outline

  • The 2nd Annual Conference is spread over two days: starting at 12:00 hrs on Monday, 27 May and ending at 14:00 hrs on Tuesday, 28 May 2013. Venue soon to be announced!
  • The plenary presentations provide insights into country and regional visions, policies and programmes.
  • The leading experts will address specific topics such as Education & Training. Plenty of time will be dedicated after each presentation to enhance discussions and topics for cooperation.
  • The personal interaction between participants will be additionally stimulated during the refreshment breaks and will take place at the EuroBioForum Partnering Hub – the place to connect & to cooperate.
  • The Annual Conference facilitates the possibility to showcase your organisations with a tabletop presentation.

The participation at EuroBioForum Annual Conference 2013 is free of charge.


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