This symposium will bring together leading scientists from around the world who make critical contributions to their respective fields, including cancer biology, immunology, neurobiology, stem cell biology and personalized medicine.

Anna Akhmanova
Brenda Andrews
Naama Barkai
Hans Clevers
Stanislas Dehaene
Karl Deisseroth
Titia De Lange
Ivan Dikic
Marileen Dogterom
Scott Emr
Drew Endy
Itzhak Fried
Martin Fussenegger
Mike Hall
Laurent Keller Shigeru Kondo
Jeannie Lee
Gil McVean
Tam Mignot
Elly Nedivi
Jodi Nunnari
Erin O'Shea
Clay Reid
Petra Schwille
Geraldine Seydoux
Carla Shatz
Mike Snyder
Mike Stratton
Tom Südhof
Karel Svoboda

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CMEF 201811.04.2018

China Medical Equipment Fair 2018 Shanghai - China April 11-14, 2018

MassChallenge 2018 Accelerator Program

Applications are open until 28 March 2018!
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