Overview of different issues raised by IP due diligence. A panel composed of Attorney-at-Law, Patent counsel, in-house counsel of legal department and entrepreneur will share their experience in the complex domain of IP due diligence.

In today’s business world where immaterial assets tend to take precedence over material ones, the difficulty for companies resides in assessing and enhancing their intangibles assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights and know-how. IP due diligences therefore constitute an essential process, either as a precondition in corporate transactions involving IP (purchase, selling, license), or for companies to capitalized on their own IP assets (enforcement of their IP rights, raising funds, challenge potential investors etc).

When, in which context, by who and how a due diligence has to be performed to be efficient? What are the risks of handling a due diligence, especially as regards confidentiality?

This seminar will present an overview of different issues raised by IP due diligence, which depend on the contect in which due diligence is carried out, on the profile of the company (start-up /international, etc.), its field of activity, on the type and geographical scope of protection of IP involved.

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