Where : EPFL Innovation Park, Building D, Lausanne, Switzerland

Digital Health Technology: Impact on Healthcare

When : Wed, May 27, 2015 - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Where : EPFL Innovation Park, Building D, Lausanne, Switzerland

Digital technology's role in healthcare is a hot topic. Learn unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for industry, patients and providers.
Event description
The advent of the smartphone and cloud computing brings similar significance to humanity as that of the Gutenberg press did by making vast amounts of information available to the masses. The healthcare industry has seized on this connectivity as an opportunity to leverage digital technology to engage patients and providers; drive adherence and outcomes; and ultimately impact healthcare efficiencies and costs.

Digital health technology, however, requires new business cultures in both biopharma and medical devices. Atypical business competencies and business models are required to engage directly with patients and healthcare professionals.

In HBA’s digital technology event, speakers, Prof. Adrian Ionescu (EPFL), Cristina Nakano (Merck-Serono) and Dr Caroline Falciola (Ernst and Young) discuss how digital wearables are impacting healthcare, how industry leverages digital technologies, and how a global consultancy firm identifies key stakeholders involved in digital health.

Whether you are a startup, a private consultant or a multinational, there is learning for everyone in this exciting, innovative and ground-breaking space. Join us to learn unique perspectives on the potential role of digital technology for industry, patients and providers.

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