PX Holding SA is the leader of watch apparel and design with the Swiss made label. Its vocation is to deal with precious metals, noble and non-precious, the group is also active in other major industries such as jewelry, bijouterie, eyewear, dental, medical, automotive, appliance, etc..
Domain: Medical technology
Contact: Boulevard des Eplatures 42
2304 La Chaux-de-Fonds / NE
P: +41 (0) 32 924 02 88
F: +41 (0) 32 924 02 10

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Medtech Innovation Event - Sept 4 - Swiss Innovation Park Biel/Bienne04.09.2017

Swiss Medtech, be-advanced and Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne organise the 3rd matchmaking event solely for...

Welcome To Health Valley

Building on skills honed over the centuries, western Switzerland has become a world leader in biotech.
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BioAlps Association
Ch. du Pré-Fleuri 3
CH - 1228 Plan-les Ouates
+41 22 304 40 40
+41 22 304 40 70

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