Predictive maintenance is a proven and reliable technology for over 20 years. Thanks to it, make the right decisions based on the health of your machines. With I-care, you can better anticipate your downtimes through earlier and more accurate fault detection of your equipments. We take care of your financial and planning requirement to base our diagnosis. Our conclusions are therefore always clear and committed: Action to be taken - Delay to be respected Following technologies are used on periodic base or expertise : • Vibration spectral analysis • Dynamic balancing on site • Electrical fault diagnosis • Infrared thermography • Ultrasound analysis • Laser alignment • Oil analysis • ODS I-Care has developed reliability services in order to support you implementing continuous improvement projects for maintenance, combined to your day to day management requirements. We work with you to make your equipements more reliable. We implement maintenance plans combining curative, preventive, predictive and proactive technologies. We optimize your operational procedures for maintenance, inventory and skills management.
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Professional Services & Consulting, Quality
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4à6 de BioAlps - UCB Farchim20.06.2018

Les "4à6" de BioAlps sont une série d'événements organisés dans chacun des 7 cantons de Suisse occidentale.

Interview du nouveau Président de BioAlps par l'Agefi

Philippe D. Monnier a parlé avec Claude Clément, nouveau Président de BioAlps, de son nouveau rôle et sa vision...
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