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Who We Are

The clinical development of drugs and devices is crucial for human welfare. Our mission is to improve success rates in this endeavor.

We do this by improving the design and implementation of clinical trials through the innovative application of statistical science, operations research, and information technology.

What We Do

We provide unrivaled biostatistics and operations research knowledge to our customers. Our knowledge is available in the form of both software and services. This knowledge, supported by our trial implementation capabilities, is what makes us different. We are leaders in the design and implementation of adaptive clinical trials.

Our statistical software for designing every type of trial, including adaptive designs, is the industry standard. We also provide software for supporting Data Monitoring Committees, monitoring patient recruitment, and for implementing adaptive clinical trials.

We provide Strategic Consulting on the statistical design of individual trials as well as development programs. We offer innovative approaches to clinical research. In particular, we are leaders in the design and conduct of adaptive trials. All our customers believe and understand this once they've worked with us.

Cytel Clinical Research Services covers the scientifically essential aspects of trial implementation – the acquisition, quality assurance, analysis, and interpretation of data, and their presentation to sponsors, independent committees and regulatory authorities.

Our Values and Beliefs

We value excellence in implementation, with an emphasis on obtaining the maximum useful information for the money spent and enabling the best decisions to be made about the candidate drug or device.

We are committed to a collaborative style of working. Clients come to us because they want us to give them our best advice, and not just follow orders. We are not just another CRO.

We are committed to helping our customers uphold the highest standards of scientific rigor, statistical validity, and data quality in all our engagements.

Who We Work With

All the major pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are our customers.

We also work well with dozens of smaller biotech and specialty pharma companies throughout the world. We work best with those who want to innovate in clinical development in order to improve success rates.

We also count among our customers and research partners many academic and medical centers, as well as government and regulatory agencies worldwide.

Our research collaborations have led to the development of innovative scientific methods and cutting edge technology.

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