Argenius Management Consulting offers its services in the field of supply and manufacturing network design and operations.

We believe that supply and manufacturing network design and operations constitutes a strategic issue for manufacturing industries aiming at operational excellence. Alignment of the resources to the market demand is becoming more complex and is needed more frequently in terms of production capacity and agility as well.

We create visibility over the supply and manufacturing network to help managers to make decisions based on rational and quantified information and to succeed. We provide a new approach which integrates senior expertise and advanced simulation technology.
Domain: Professional Services & Consulting, Other
Contact: c/o Serge De Boni, Ch. Des Merles, 1
1026 Echandens / VD
P: 021 534 31 10 / 079 375 96 92
F: 021 375 96 92


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The biggest Life Sciences conference in Switzerland takes place at the University of Lausanne February 12-13, 2018

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