The conference series “At the Interface between Cell Biology and Cellular Microbiology” is primarily to merge the frontline research in cellular microbiology and cell biology.

The first conference in the series is embracing the subversion of cellular organization and functions by pathogens. The goals are to participate in the education of young scientists in the fields of biology and diseases that impact human health and to foster collaborative links between researchers.

Bringing the fields of cell biology and cellular microbiology together has been instrumental for the acceleration of our understanding of infectious diseases at the cellular level in the last few years. The great benefit that cell biologist retrieve from the interaction with cellular microbiologists is that pathogens are the ultimate cell biologists.

Through long-term evolution they have reached an exquisite understanding of their host. To this interface of cell biology and cellular microbiology, must now be added systems biology and mathematical modeling. The sequencing of the human genome and of the genomes of numerous pathogens has led to vast amounts of sequence information, the functional interpretation now requires high through put genetic and post-genomic tools such as targeted gene knock-outs or knock downs in both pathogens and host cell, global analysis of gene expression and proteomics.

On the cell biology front, the great challenge for the future is to use the knowledge gained from the application of these powerful techniques to reach an understanding of how the functions of key molecules are integrated to form the organelles and membrane trafficking pathways in the cell.

On the pathogens front, the challenge is to interfere with the infection processes including entry, multiplication inside cells, spreading and disease establishment. The emphasis of the first conference of the series will be on “Cellular organization and functions and their subversion by pathogens”. Intracellular pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa hijack their host cells functions to access nutrients and to escape cellular defenses and immune responses.

Targeted host processes include protein synthesis, membrane trafficking, modulation of gene expression, antigen presentation, apoptosis and autophagy that will be among the topics covered by this conference.


  • Innate immunity and subversion by pathogens
  • Systems biology and host-pathogen interplays
  • Trafficking and organelle biogenesis
  • Autophagy and pathogenesis
  • Membrane dynamics and function
  • Signaling and host-pathogen cross talk

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