As the economy has grown more global and market driven, and various barriers to competition have eroded, IP has become a dominant factor in creating and maintaining competitive advantage.

This seminar will present an overview of the issues and advantages regarding the establishment of an IP holding entity in Switzerland.

This seminar will be of interest to any person – accountants, lawyers, bankers, industry consultants, executives or in-house counsel of company finance or legal departments, and economic promotion agencies - involved in advising foreign entities that are thinking of establishing a company in Switzerland, or in advising Swiss based multi-nationals considering reorganising their structure, where an issue of intellectual property asset management is involved.

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CMEF 201811.04.2018

China Medical Equipment Fair 2018 Shanghai - China April 11-14, 2018

Le Challenge Debiopharm Inartis

La qualité de vie du patient en cours de traitement "Qui pourra changer le monde dans lequel nous vivons?”
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