Health Expo Istanbul 2013 is one of the most important Medical Exhibition in the world, offers its exhibitors and visitors a platform to expand their horizons, to keep up with the innovations in the industry, strengthen their market position and prom

Why Health Expo Istanbul?
• Istanbul has direct flights to over 300 cities in the world and “Hosted Buyer Program” of the fair allows the exhibitors to meet hundreds of important buyers during the fair.
• More than 2000 chief physicians and healthcare executives throughout Turkey will participate to the exhibition and the conferences which will be held with the participation of the foreign Ministries of Health.
• Turkey with its unique geographical position, the negotiations which are aiming to be fully member of EU and the current improvement in situation of the health industry along with health tourism are offering a promising market.
• The share of Turkey's exports within the medical industry in the world is 0.1%. Sector aims to achieve billion by the year 2023.
• In 2002, public health expenditure was approximately billion, but today reached billion range.
• Turkey imports 85% of the health care equipment from other countries and from the biggest supplier of the healthcare equipment. (Import Percentage: 30,7% USA, 19,5% Germany, Chine, Japan and Italy.
• Turkey is the 6th largest market in the health sector in Europe .
• Turkey is the 30th largest healthcare market in the worldwide.
• Turkey is expected to billion as the amount of expenses until 2014.
• Healthcare equipment expenses in 2010 was ,1 billion and to be expected around ,12 at 2015.

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