NutrEvent gathers all the key actors that intervene in the innovation process (academics researchers, R&D directors, business development managers, marketing managers, service providers…) with one objective in mind: to fill in the gap between research and market in the field of Nutrition & Health.

The major event for innovation in nutrition and health
Every two years, NutrEvent brings together stakeholders in science, industry and regulatory affairs around a single theme: catalysing and accelerating R&D projects in nutrition and health.
The convergence of scientific, industrial and regulatory skills is made necessary by:

  • The increasingly strict regulatory and scientific demands made on product health/well-being claims
  • The nutraceutical companies' need to show innovative scientific and clinical validation as a guarantee of their own credibility and that of the sector as a whole
  • The increase in disorders, imbalances and pathologies in which nutrition is clearly a major causal factor in the occurrence of the condition (diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc.)

NutrEvent® intends to be a regular forum for all the key stakeholders by facilitating networking and help them to lay the foundations of mutually profitable collaborations.
NutrEvent® enables the stakeholders to understand regulatory changes, highlight their issues, measure the impact consequences on the innovation process and suggest modifications of a regulatory framework which, despite its complexity and constraints, can stimulate innovation and differentiate products.
NutrEvent® aims at being a key tool for boosting Europe's competitiveness in nutrition and health and a powerful vector for promoting businesses and academic science.
NutrEvent® enables the nutrition and health players to meet partners, identify sources of funding and discuss the latest scientific and clinical advances. It also enables attendees to discover the market trends, understand regulatory changes and to discover the sector's success stories.

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Member shall indicate on the Online Registration Form that he belongs to BioAlps Cluster to order to benefit from the preferential rate 20% off the regular fees.


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BioTaiwan 201819.07.2018

BioTaiwan Exhibition 2018 will be held from 19 to 22 July at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan.


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