We are currently gauging interest for a collective presence at the BIOSPAIN 2012 under the umbrella of “International Biotech Platform”. This international booth is meant for biotech companies, mainly from Switzerland, the US, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

This year the event will be held in Bilbao (19-21 September 2012) and in its last edition it attracted over 670 companies from Spain & Europe mainly, but also a good number of companies and delegates from other countries (USA, Canada & Israel). With over 2.200 one-to-one meetings, BIOSPAIN is one of the top 7 life sciences partnering events in the world. In 2010 it had 20% of international participation. For more background information on the event and the Spanish biotechnology sector, please have a look at the website

psps consultants has vast experience with collective trade promotion activities, amongst other in the biotech sector. Our BIOSPAIN service package would include complete organization and coordination:

  • A shared exhibition space at the trade exhibition (delegation pavilion, 12 m2; the design will depict country flags and the concerning companies)
  • 15 minute slot at the company presentation programme
  • 3 complimentary hotel nights are included in the price (!) mentioned below
  • Registration fee for 1 person per company
  • Registration Fee covers access to the partnering system, the BIOTEC scientific congress, investor’s forum presentations, conferences & networking events
  • Submission of requests per company for one-to-one meetings during the conference
  • Participation in the national scientific congress on biotechnology, a great opportunity to network also with research groups and institutions in different areas of biotechnology
  • Opportunity to submit one one-page (single-sided) full colour advertisement in conference handbook
  • Promotion via the conference website, press releases and prominently displayed signage at the conference
  • Sponsor-designated table for literature in the main networking hall
  • Kick off briefing in Bilbao, with individual info package per participating company (programme, profiles of companies you meet with, listing of relevant trade show events etc.) and introduction to the other participants
  • Organization of a collective dinner (at own costs)
  • Assistance in miscellaneous individual organizational matters (special wishes, transport, etc.)

The above described package will be priced at appr. € 1.950 (excl. VAT), with a minimum of 10 participants.  
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to  

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Atracsys a débuté en 2004 en tant que spin-off de l’Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Acronyme de “Advanced Tracking Systems”, nous développons des systèmes de mesure optique extrêmement précis utilisés quotidiennement par les chirurgiens en salle d’opération. Forts de telles bases techniques, nos ingénieurs se sont inspirés du film “Minority Report” pour créer le premier système d’interaction homme-machine sans contact. En 2007, nous réalisons notre première table multi-touch à reconnaissance d’objets, encore reconnue à ce jour pour sa fiabilité de détection et sa précision.

Aujourd’hui, nous nous focalisons sur la solution complête, du choix du Hardware au développement du Software. Notre laboratoire de R&D teste sans cesse les nouvelles technologies multi-touch du marché et nous optimisons leur utilisation afin de répondre aux objectifs de nos clients. Grâce à nos programmeurs de haut niveau et nos designers d’interface créatifs spécialisés dans les “Natural User Interfaces”, nous sommes devenus une référence dans les domaines de l’amélioration de processus de vente, de communication et de travail à l’aide de la technologie multi-touch.
Depuis 2007, nous avons réalisé plus de 350 projets interactifs pour des multinationales et des PME dans plus de 20 pays à travers le monde.
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