BioNetwork Asia 2011 will explore in detail what are some of the growth potentials and challenges conducting partnerships in Asia that are impacting the dynamics of the pharma industry.

We’re sure you’re aware that Asia will shortly become the new centre of gravity for the pharmaceutical industry led by growth in China, India and Singapore. The pharmaceutical industries of the US and Europe have been facing severe financial constraints over the past few years, which are expected to worsen in the coming years.

With the tightening of regulatory pressures resulting in few FDA approvals, blockbuster drugs worth more than 10 billion are set to expire by 2014 and the drying pipelines of pharmaceutical industry, cost cutting pressures are mounting on pharmaceutical companies, especially the big ones.

These pressures are expected to drive these companies towards Asia to search for partnerships, perform their R&D activities and lowering cost in the hope of driving further and greater innovation.

The BioNetwork Asia will help you to position yourself at the front of the pipeline race, meet the right partners and leave with a complete understanding on the most important issues and solutions, including:

  • Asian pharma industry trends and growth potential in the next 5 years
  • Tapping on the potential of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Asia
  • Achieving effective deal making strategies between East and West
  • Debate on government funded projects – blessing or a curse?
  • Tackling pricing and reimbursement issues in China
  • Assessing the growth potential in India - the drivers of strategy, growth and innovation enabling business development
  • Case study: Identifying the market access strategies in Asia - diversity & challenge
  • New model for sharing risks and reaping rewards
  • Evaluating new projects and innovations from the perspective of a biotech 
  • Opportunities for pharmaceutical R&D innovation and partnership in Asia
  • Harnessing academia-industry partnerships to drive drug discovery

For more information about our MasterClass (addressing issues including IP Licensing in collaboration deals and identifying other commercial and legal considerations in China) and our One-on-One Meeting planner, drop us an email and we’ll run you through our exciting event features.

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BioTaiwan 201819.07.2018

BioTaiwan Exhibition 2018 will be held from 19 to 22 July at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan.


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