Swissaustral Biotech SA exploits the potential of microorganisms from extreme environments, and their unexplored metabolic pathways as a unique and diverse natural source of new High-performance Enzymes(™) and other bio-actives for different applications including, scientific research, home and personal care, fine chemicals, food and diagnostics.
Domain: Other Biotechnology, Cosmetics
R&D Services and Technology Platforms, CRO (Contract Research Organization)
Contact: Rte de l'Ile-au-Bois, C/o BioArk Biotechnology Facilities 1A
1870 Monthey / VS
P: 024 471 04 94 / 027 606 88 71
F: 027 606 88 69
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4à6 de BioAlps - Stryker14.12.2017

Bilan - Les Métiers de Demain

Le magazine référence nous informe des nouvelles formations et de leur impact sur l'avenir des métiers de la santé...
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