Domain: Academic Institution
Medical technology
Medical technology, Biomaterials / Coatings
Medical technology, Delivery Devices
Medical technology, Hospital Hardware
Medical technology, Implants
Medical technology, In Vitro Diagnostic Devices
Medical technology, Opthalmic and Optical Devices
Medical technology, Other
Medical technology, Tissue Engineering / Regenerative Medicine
Other Biotechnology
Other Biotechnology, Cosmetics
Other Biotechnology, Food / Nutrition
Other Biotechnology, Veterinary
Professional Services & Consulting
Professional Services & Consulting, Quality
R&D Services and Technology Platforms
R&D Services and Technology Platforms, Cell Culture
R&D Services and Technology Platforms, Diagnostic Instrumentation / Analytical Services
Supplier & Engineering
Supplier & Engineering, Laboratory engineering and equipment
Supplier & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering / Micro Engineering
Supplier & Engineering, Medical Devices
Supplier & Engineering, Other
Therapeutics & Diagnostics
Therapeutics & Diagnostics, Antibodies / Anti-infectives
Therapeutics & Diagnostics, Cell Therapy / Stem Cells
Therapeutics & Diagnostics, Chemical Drug, small Molecules
Therapeutics & Diagnostics, Drug Delivery
Therapeutics & Diagnostics, Generics / Biosimilars
Therapeutics & Diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostic
Therapeutics & Diagnostics, Other
Contact: Ch. De Budron H14
1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne / VD
P: 021 654 21 86
F: 044 947 66 77
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4à6 de BioAlps - Selexis SA20.09.2017

Les "4à6" de BioAlps sont une série d'événements organisés dans chacun des 7 cantons de Suisse occidentale.

Welcome To Health Valley

Building on skills honed over the centuries, western Switzerland has become a world leader in biotech.
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