Predictive maintenance is a proven and reliable technology for over 20 years. With I-care, you can better anticipate your downtimes through earlier and more accurate fault detection of your equipments.

I-Care has developed reliability services for continuous improvement of maintenance.

We implement maintenance plans combining curative, preventive, predictive and proactive technologies. We optimize your operational procedures for maintenance, inventory and skills management.
Domain: Professional Services & Consulting, Other
Professional Services & Consulting, Quality
Contact: Le Château 3
2028 Vaumarcus / NE
P: +41 79 627 06 15
F: +41 32 535 90 14
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Swiss eHealth Summit 201811.09.2018

L'événement se déroulera le 11 et 12 septembre 2018 au Stade de Suisse à Berne, sous le thème "Leadership &...


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BioAlps Association
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