Baccinex is a full-service pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) of sterile liquid and lyophilised dosage forms. Its field of expertise spreads from pharmaceutical development and manufacturing of clinical trial material, to commercial manufacturing, packaging, analytical services and logistics.
Domain: R&D Services and Technology Platforms, CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization)
R&D Services and Technology Platforms, Diagnostic Instrumentation / Analytical Services
Contact: Rue de la Source  3
2822 Courroux / JU
P: +41 (0) 32 420 76 40
F: +41 (0) 32 420 76 49
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4à6 de BioAlps - Ferring29.05.2018

Les "4à6" de BioAlps sont une série d'événements organisés dans chacun des 7 cantons de Suisse occidentale.

Kinntek chooses Pryv

Kinntek, announces that it has chosen Pryv to extend its breakthrough hand rehabilitation interactive platform with...
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BioAlps Association
Ch. du Pré-Fleuri 3
CH - 1228 Plan-les Ouates
+41 22 304 40 40
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