Like on our picture postcards: from the lakes to the Alpine peaks, passing through the forests and the countryside, everyone finds in GateWest Switzerland enough space for living, for his or her style and his or her favourite leisure activities, whilst passing from one to the other in practically no time.

For several square kilometres, nature offers all its wide-ranging talent. The Jura is the land of large surface areas and of expanding forests, the lake shores are planted with vines, the plateau offers fields and farming, whereas the Alps give multiple sports possibilities, human challenge and a particular lifestyle.  Fauna and flora are very varied here. This is why scientists assess that more than 30,000 animal species move about in the Alps.

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CMEF 201811.04.2018

China Medical Equipment Fair 2018 Shanghai - China April 11-14, 2018

Le Challenge Debiopharm Inartis

La qualité de vie du patient en cours de traitement "Qui pourra changer le monde dans lequel nous vivons?”
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