• For Acyclovir Lauriad®, the Company has engaged discussion with European regulatory agencies and obtained a registration slot. While standard drug development usually requests a second phase III trial prior to file for market authorization, BioAlliance Pharma has initiated promising discussion with European and US agencies to recognize Acyclovir Lauriad® clinical benefits and allow a much shorter process.
  • S1 2010 record turnover with €21.3 M versus €4.1 M for the same period in 2009. BioAlliance has again shown the capacity to reach on time important milestones, including its new European partnership with Therabel (March 2010), followed by the FDA approval of Loramyc®/ Oravig® (April 2010).

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4à6 de BioAlps - UCB Farchim20.06.2018

Les "4à6" de BioAlps sont une série d'événements organisés dans chacun des 7 cantons de Suisse occidentale.

Interview du nouveau Président de BioAlps par l'Agefi

Philippe D. Monnier a parlé avec Claude Clément, nouveau Président de BioAlps, de son nouveau rôle et sa vision...
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